Mira Nabulsi interviews Loubna Qutami in a deep discussion of the historical relationship between race, ethnicity, and the census in order to discuss the Trump administration's omitting of the "Middle East and North Africa" category from the upcoming census in 2020.

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On June 3rd, the Sudanese state security forces and its militia violently attacked and dispersed thousands of demonstrators who had camped outside the military headquarters in the Sudanese capital, for weeks. The violent crackdown left dozens dead and hundreds wounded.

The sit-in was initially held seeking an end to Omar al-Bashir’s three-decades-long authoritarian rule and later, to demand that the army generals who toppled him, hand over power to a civilian government.

According to doctors linked to the protest movement, at least 128 people have been killed since June 3rd. Doctors also say that paramilitary forces carried out dozens of rapes during the attack on the protest-camp.

Dr. Khalid Medani reports on the matter courtesy of Voices of the Middle East and North Africa (VOMENA).

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Exiled from her home country, Nanda Mohammad, a Syrian actress had to start all over in Egypt in 2012. A story of a fierce talented Syrian actress, with nostalgia for the past, and a break into the most important theaters in the world.

Interviewed by Raghad al-Makhlouf | Arabic

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In this episode of Maydan Podcast, Peter Mandaville speaks with Sylvia Chan-Malik and Khadijah Elshayyal; two scholars whose research intersect themes related to Islam and Gender on two sides of the Atlantic.

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