Muna Dajani is a Policy member of Al-Shabaka: The Palestinian Policy
Network, and a Palestinian environmental researcher.

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Dr. Nahid Siamdoust is the author of “Soundtrack of the Revolution:The Politics of Music in Iran”.

Interviewed by Malihe Razazan

Status host Malihe spoke with Dr. Siamdoust about her work and some of the most important songs that continue to define modern Iran.

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In this lecture, Mouin Rabbani examines the present crisis of the Palestinian national movement in terms of its various domestic dimensions as well as external challenges. Rabbani offers a discussion of the prospects for Palestinian national reconciliation, the potential for renewed conflict with Israel, and analysis of President Trump's declared objective of pursuing "the ultimate deal.” The crises of both Fatah, Hamas, and the Palestinian Authority will be examined, particularly in light of recent initiatives to achieve agreements between rival Palestinian factions.

Mouin Rabbani is an independent analyst, commentator, and researcher specializing in the contemporary Middle East. He has previously served as Principal Political Affairs Officer with the Office of the UN Special Envoy for Syria, Head of Middle East with Crisis Management Initiative/Martti Ahtisaari Centre, Senior Middle East Analyst and Special Advisor on Israel-Palestine with the International Crisis Group. He is Senior Fellow with the Institute for Palestine Studies, Co-Editor of Jadaliyya, Contributing Editor of Middle East Report, Associate Fellow of the European Council on Foreign Relations, and Policy Advisor to Al-Shabaka - The Palestinian Policy Network. A graduate of Tufts University and Georgetown University’s Center for Contemporary Arab Studies, Rabbani has published, presented, and commented widely on Middle East issues, including for a variety of major print, television, and digital media.

Sponsored by Middle East and Islamic Studies and Arab Studies Institute. Co-Sponsored by Schar School of Policy and Government, Center for Global Islamic Studies, Global Affairs, Middle East Policy Group, History Department.

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Diya Azzony is a Saudi Arabian jazz and rock fusion guitarist and founder of record label Libra Productions.

Abdullah Filfilan is a saxophonist and collaborator of Azzony's in the band Hejazz.

Interviewed by Paola Messina
April 5th, 2017| English

In this episode of Status's "The Indie and Alt-Music Scene in the Arab World", Diya Azzony and Abdullah Filfilan share their thoughts on the current state of the independent music scene in Saudi Arabia.

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Yerevan Hassan is the Learning Center Manager at Basmeh & Zeitooneh, a Lebanese NGO for relief and development.

Basmeh and Zeitooneh has established a Learning Center in Shatila refugee camp for Syrian students between the ages of five and fifteen. It was designed specifically for those students whose education was disrupted by the conflict, and who are not able to enroll in Lebanese public schools. The Learning Center is serving now over 700 students and is the only educational program of its scale available for Syrian children in Shatila refugee camp.

Interviewed by Mohamad-Ali Nayel
September 26th, 2017 | Arabic

Status host Mohamad-Ali Nayel speaks with Yerevan Hassan about Basmeh and Zeitooneh's educational initiatives in the Shatila refugee camp.

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