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Assistant Director of Middle Eastern and North African Studies at Northwestern University, interviews author Gilbert Achcar on the subject of the continuing consequences of the Arab Spring and Achcar's most recent book, Morbid Symptoms.

Recorded July 10, 2018 at After-Words Books in Chicago.

Courtesy of Midwest Socialist and Northwestern University.

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Saleh Masharqa

Interviewed by Diaa Ali

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Helga Tawil-Souri, Sherene Seikaly, and Said Shehadeh

Interviewed by Samera Esmeir and Malihe Razazan 

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Ozge Samanci

Interviewed by Julie Hakim Azzam

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Ben Ehrenreich

Interviewed by Malihe Razazan

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Leila Abdelrazaq

Interviewed by Julie Hakim Azzam

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Nicola Perugini

Interviewed by Noura Erakat

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Mohammed Rabie

Interviewed by Mona Kareem

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Ali Issa

Interviewed by Anthony Alessandrini

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