In 2017, Dr. Ahmad Dallal published a primer on ISIS, entitled The Political Theology of ISIS: Prophets, Messiahs, and the "Extinction of the Grayzone." In August 2018, Tadween Publishing's managing editor, Kylie Broderick, spoke to him about the ongoing significance of the book, the study of ISIS and its animating principles, whether such studies remain relevant given ISIS' loss of territoriality, what interested Dr. Dallal in pursuing an understanding of this group, and more.

This interview is part of the "Tadween Talks" series, which explores the books published by Tadween, catches them up to the present, connects them to ongoing challenges in the region, and asks the authors to opine directly on the meaning of their books.

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Bassam Haddad spoke with Omar Shakir, Israel and Palestine Director at Human Rights Watch, about Israel’s deportation order against him and the challenge HRW mounted in Israeli courts to this decision and the draconian law it is based on. The two also discussed Israel’s passage of the Nation State Law, enshrining Jewish supremacy over Palestinians as a constitutional mandate, and how shifting regional dynamics may impact the human rights situation on the ground.

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On this episode of In Their Own Voices, Status host Osama Esber speaks with poet Amarji (Rami Youness), a poet and translator who lives in Syria.

August 25th, 2018 | Arabic

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Rapper and Producer Hani al-Sawah (aka Al-Darwish) talks about his first complimentary rap battle, against Synaptik, that took place in The Arena ME Beirut.

Tracks sampled in this interview:


زمن المسخ

Interviewed by Mohammed Ali-Nayel
June 16th 2018 | Arabic

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Assistant Director of Middle Eastern and North African Studies at Northwestern University, interviews author Gilbert Achcar on the subject of the continuing consequences of the Arab Spring and Achcar's most recent book, Morbid Symptoms.

Recorded July 10, 2018 at After-Words Books in Chicago.

Courtesy of Midwest Socialist and Northwestern University.

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Rapper and Producer Nasser Shorbaji (aka Chyno) unpacks the Middle East's 1st official Rap Battle League in Beirut.

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Between Damascus and London, Hamsa Mounif, a rising Syrian singer, has established a lot in a short period of time. She participated in several concerts both in Syria and around the world. She left Syria to England looking for better opportunities. She is trying to survive there, despite nostalgia and homesickness.

Interviewed by Raghad Al Makhlouf
July 23rd, 2018 | Arabic

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Status host Raghad Al Makhlouf speaks with Lubana Al Quntar, a Syrian opera singer from Suwayda (a Druze stronghold south of Damascus), who had to flee the country because of her political opinions. Al Quntar has lived in the United States since 2011 and describes the difficulties and challenges she faced both personally and professionally in this transition.

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