[Arabic] Status Show with Bassam Haddad, Sinan Antoon, Mona Kareem, Adel Iskandar, Noura Erakat, Lina Attalah, Samia Errazzouki, and Sahar Mandour

[English] Status Show with Bassam Haddad, Sinan Antoon, Samia Errazzouki, Adel Iskandar, and Rania Masri

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Ella Shohat, interviewed by Bassam Haddad, 18 September 2014 [English].

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Kheder Khaddour, interviewed by Bassam Haddad, 23 September 2014 [Arabic]

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Alaa Abd El Fattah, interviewed by Lina Atallah, 25 October 2014 [English].

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Samir, interviewed by Sinan Antoon, 18 October 2014 [English].

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Steven Salaita, interviewed by Noura Erakat, 27 November 2014 [English].

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Fatemah Farag, interviewed by Adel Iskandar, 1 October 2014 [English].

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Juan Cole, interviewed by Bassam Haddad, 6 October 2014 [English].

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Reda al-Fardan, interviewed by Mona Kareem, 22 October 2014 [Arabic].

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On the Disintegration of the Lebanese State - Charbel Nahas

On the Disintegration of the Lebanese State. Charbel Nahas is the former Minister of Labor and writer, Lebanon. Interviewed by Rania Masri, 13 October 2014 [Arabic]

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Syrian Refugees in Lebanon: Racism, Alliances, and Misery. Moe Ali Nayel is a freelance journalist based in Beirut. Interviewed by Bassam Haddad, 22 September 2014 [Arabic]

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Rap as Activism in Morocco: An Interview with Mouad Belghouate (El-Haqed). Mouad Belghouate is a Moroccan rapper and activist. Recently released from jail and nominated for the Sakharov Prize.vInterviewed by Samia Errazzouki, 22 October 2014 [Arabic]

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Wael Gamal, interviewed by Bassam Haddad, 17 September 2014 [Arabic].

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Mohammad El-Agati and Wael Gamal, interviewed by Bassam Haddad, 17 September 2014 [Arabic].

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Laila Sakr, interviewed by Adel Iskandar, 30 October 2014 [English].

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Abdelbasset Ben Hassen, interviewed by Fateh Azzam, 28 October 2014 [Arabic].

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Mohammed al-Ajmi, interviewed by Mona Kareem, 29 October 2014 [Arabic].

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Ayman Mohyeldin, interviewed by Adel Iskandar, 8 November 2014 [English].

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Moderated by Noura Erakat. Participants: David Luban, Margaret deGuzman, George Bisharat, and Kevin Jon Heller.

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