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This discussion between Noah Black and Artist Zeinab Saab traces the journey of Zeinab as an artist over the course of shifting through several mediums. They touch on the themes in Zeinab's work as well as how the context of an artist drives their creative process.

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Artists Tania El Khoury and Roy Dib in conversation focusing on Dib's practice, cultural policy in Lebanon, the growing censorship against Lebanese artists and activists, and the recent case of Mashrou' Leila.

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لقاء مع الفنانة التشكيلية السورية عتاب حريب المقيمة في اميريكا, يتناول اللقاء مجموعة اسئلة عن الوطن والمنفى, عن رحلة البحث عن الحرية داخل وخارج الوطن. تحدثنا عتاب عن تجربتها الخاصة في سوريا واميريكا, عن الاحلام و الخذلان. يتطرق الحوار أيضا الى سياسات ادارة الرئيس الاميريكي ترامب تجاه الاجئين و الاثر الذي تركته هذه السياسيات في حياة عتاب و حياة السوريين بشكل عام.

March 8th, 2018 | Arabic
Interviewed by Raghad Almakhlouf

Music in this episode by Ollie North "Arabesque I".

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Circa 2012, a refurbished house in the Beiruti neighborhood of Ras El Nabeh became a space for practitioners and lovers of the visual arts. A collective - of those looking to practice, connect and exchange experiences on everything from printmaking to animation - was formed.

David Habchy, one of the founders of the NGO and a Lebanese multimedia artist, describes WARAQ as a space that allows for a deeper experimentation of artistic processes and a challenge to the idea of the artist as an isolated maker.

In this conversation, which took place at the headquarters of WARAQ in Beirut, David also speaks to his own interests as an artist and experiences up to this point in his career as a multimedia artist.

February 20th, 2018 | English
Interviewed by Paola C. Messina

Music in this episode by Ollie North "Arabesque I".

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Taha Sammour

Interviewed by Mohamad Ali Nayel 

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Iman Hammouri

Interviewed by Kifah Zohour

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Hafez Omar 

Interviewed by Iyad Riyahi

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Dina El Wedidi, Khyam Allami

Hosted by Huda Asfour

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Naima Grace Shalhoub

Interviewed by Noura Erakat

6 May 2015

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Imre Azem

Interviewed by Duygu Parmaksizoglu

21 April 2015

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Sandy Tolan

Interviewed by Malihe Razazan

20 May 2015

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Elisabeth Anker

Interviewed Anthony Allessandrini

27 May 2015

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Tania El Khoury, interviewed by Bassam Haddad, 1 December 2014 [Arabic].

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Amer Shomali, interviewed by Noura Erakat, 26 December 2014 [English].

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Andeel, interviewed by Adel Iskandar, 22 December 2014 [Arabic].

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Wael Attili, interviewed by Adel Iskandar, 27 January 2015 [English].

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Nabil Al Raee and Alia Al Rosan, interviewed by Malihe Razazan, 13 November 2014 [English].

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